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DYC Supply Company, a minority owned company and subsidiary of Dynaric Inc., introduced their line of offset printing blankets in 1978, and has built a solid reputation on superior quality and customer service. Right from their inception, DYC set a quality precedent by being the first blanket supplier to provide a product that had a ground and buffed surface. This feature also allowed DYC to be the first and only company that could and would guarantee blanket thickness to be consistent from roll to roll.

DYC/Kinyo is so confident of the manufacturing process that blanket thickness is guaranteed to be within .0008" from blanket to blanket and roll to roll. The unique manufacturing process eliminates surface imperfections such as pinholes, porosity and surface talc which saves the user valuable time by eliminating wash up on press startup.

Today, DYC/Kinyo products have a reputation for high quality, unsurpassed longevity and consistent performance. The line consists of newly developed products for virtually every application including, printing all paper stocks, film, board, newspapers, trading cards, stamps, high quality playing cards, UV printing or coating, magazines, metal decorating and waterless printing. DYC Supply Company currently has converting facilities in Virginia Beach Virginia, Carson City Nevada, and Atlanta Georgia.