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Wave2 s iPublish AdPortal is an e-commerce advertising solution that increases sales, lowers operational costs and delivers a strong ROI that pays for itself many times over. Wave2 s AdPortal is a flexible and scalable system that integrates call center and self-service sales for both print and interactive on-line advertising. AdPortal supports self-service for all leading advertising categories using Wave2 s patent pending publishing technology that enables newspapers to publish everything from a simple liner ad to a full page real estate banner ad, as well as digital display ads. This technology has enabled Wave2 to develop the most user friendly self-serve advertising system without the complexity of buying and building ads. Ease of use will reduce abandonment rates and customer support calls resulting in higher closing ratios at a lower cost. Abandon your existing system, go with Wave2 and see your sales grow rather than have potential advertisers abandon you.


We use wave2 for a variety of verticals and I am continually impressed by the versatility of the platform as well as the development and support that we receive from their team.


We have been using Wave2 for Obits for the past 4 years and are now up to 77% of all Obits coming through the portal. Notices placed through "eObits" are larger so there has been an increase in revenue and, of course, there is a near zero error factor. The program is reliable. We are very pleased with the results. We are currently in the process of launching Legal advertising.


Wave 2 has been extremely easy to work with over the years. We use them for numerous products including open house and real estate ads, obits and announcements. We have always found their team easy to approach and able to customize to meet any of our needs. Wave 2 always has a quick response and I consider one of valued partners!


I have worked with Wave 2 for a couple of years now, managing an advertising portal that we push to engage smaller clients in a self service online environment. My experience with Wave 2 has been amazing, not only have they offered great customer service in the support area, they have partnered with us to create new and innovative ways to achieve engagement and grow our numbers. The partnership we have with Wave 2 is a key to the success and continued growth we are seeing in the areas I utilize their services.


We've been working with Wave 2 for the past 2 years. Last year we expanded our relationship to manage our online classifieds for our 400+ local markets. Wave2's customer service and support are excellent. Their I-publish and Ad Portal platforms are very smart. They include multiple new features that are helping expand our traditional print/online classifieds and our growing E-commerce/ Self serve sales channels.


We have been working with Wave2 for over a year now. The partnership has been stellar. Wave2�s knowledge and expertise has helped us create a dynamic, online self-service portal in obituaries, celebrations, and real estate. They are a true partner.