Metro's Ad Development Services Will Save Time and Boost Revenue While Reducing Overhead and Expenses

Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. is the leading provider of advertising, creative and editorial resources designed to help media companies make money with their print, Web and mobile products. Through Metro's Ad Development Services (ADS), sales and production departments can benefit from a comprehensive suite of services that can be used separately or collectively to reduce ad department costs and create new revenue opportunities.

By providing timely and relevant content (ready-to-use images, spec ads, stock-quality photos, logos/trademarks, auto manufacturer photos, ideas, marketing/sales materials, print templated sections, and copyright-free editorial features) and integrating it with themed e-Sections and ground-breaking digital ad development tools -- plus custom image, ad design and editorial services -- Metro is able to offer publications unmatched flexibility in fulfilling their staffs creative needs, resulting in the most cost-effective and cost-efficient way to get the job done.

Designed to be the ultimate time-saver and support resource, Metro's Ad Development Services consists of:

Metro's Family of Creative Services (advertising, creative, editorial and ideas resource)
-- Metro Newspaper Service
-- Campaigns & Classified
-- MiAD Spec Ad Library
-- Metro Editorial Services
-- Automotive Photos
-- Logos & Trademarks
-- Plus Business

These services offer an unmatched selection of timely and relevant creative content to act as the backbone of ads and projects for print, Web and mobile. Online access through is available 24/7/365.

Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD®) Desktop -- a Web-based spec ad system that revolutionizes the sales process. Its intuitive interface enables sales reps to prepare customer-centric spec ads in minutes, dramatically improving the changes of closing a sale, and assists production staff in reducing the time it takes to finish sold ads.

MiAD mobile® -- this on-the-go app gives media sales reps the ability to instantly customize and show professionally designed print and digital (Web) ad presentations to every advertising prospect right on an iPad®

ADS On Demand™ -- on-call ad creation for print and Web. Creates bottom-line savings as you outsource design and production, as needed, with no long-term contracts and no ad-quantity commitments.

e-Sections -- online special sections. Provides you with a schedule of 36 ready-to-sell, easy-to-deploy customizable online sections. Included is a free photo gallery option, which allows you to create and include photo slide shows.

Templated Special Sections -- fully-templated print sections that coordinate with online sections. A print complement to our online e-Sections, these 24-page print sections come complete with cover designs and pre-designed pages filled with timely, informative editorial content surrounded by ready-to-sell ad positions in full-, half- and quarter-page increments. In combination with our ready-to-post e-Sections, you have a turnkey complementary package to attract print and online readers and advertisers.

See how Metro's creative content and professional, high-quality design and production tools can help save you time and increase profits. Call 800-223-1600 or e-mail, mention you saw us in NAA's Vendor Links and receive FREE trials of any of our Creative and Ad Development Services, plus a $50 credit good toward any new service subscription.

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Need a cost-effective way to have custom print and Web ads ready when you need them? Then look to Metro ADS On Demand to give you what you need when you need it. This on-call ad creation service provides a quick turn-around time, with no long-term contracts and no ad-quantity commitments. From simple to complex, Metro ADS On Demand keeps your work flowing smoothly and your print and Web ad clients coming back for more.

No matter what challenges you are currently facing, knowing that you have a professional resource available to create exceptional, cost-effective print and Web ads — as needed and on deadline — gives you an edge over the competition and your bottom line.

Complete custom ads designed with your client specifications and deadline, no matter how simple or complex, is what Metro ADS On Demand™ is all about.

And you can benefit from all of this with no long-term contracts or ad-quantity commitments. What you need, when you need it, to keep your work flowing smoothly and your print and Web ad clients delighted.

Metro ADS On Demand provides you with a broad range of custom sales, creative and production-support services for print and Web:

• Arm your sales force with customized print and Web ads, with minimal on-staff involvement
• Produce even the most complex print and Web ads in the most cost-effective manner
• Work with a courteous, professional staff full of fresh new ideas with the latest design and program capabilities
• Rely on a quick turnaround time
• Have the convenience of an online order form
• Enjoy the simplicity of faxing or emailing revisions

Best of all:

• No long-term contracts are required
• No ad-quantity commitments are necessary

Why wait another minute? Call 800-223-1600 or email to set up your FREE two-week trial.
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Metro Newspaper Service

Metro Newspaper Service

Create more effective and compelling print, online, social and mobile advertising for your important retail and service accounts, in-house promotions, and more with all of the resources delivered from the flagship Metro service.

Issued monthly, this jam-packed service is overflowing with high-caliber creative content — images and photos; timely spec ads, cover designs and quick-sell layouts; ready-to-use sales ideas and training tools — covering virtually every situation, holiday, special event and advertiser category key to that month.

Metro Newspaper Service (MNS) contains all of the basic elements a publication needs for day-to-day ad creation and marketing activities for print, online, social and mobile. With up-to-the-minute graphics, photos and coverage of the hottest topics and trends, researched and developed into ready-made sales opportunities, MNS gives you the targeted and salable ideas, images, spec ads, promotions, photos and event coverage you need to succeed.
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