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EidosMedia is a New York corporation located in lower Manhattan, at 14 Wall Street, Suite 1602, New York, NY 10005. Originally established in Milan, Italy, in 1999, it was founded by a team with over 25 years of experience in the media industry. Since then, EidosMedia has expanded globally and now, with EidosMedia subsidiaries in Rome, London, Frankfurt, Paris and, of course, New York.

The EidosMedia solution Mèthode features a full native XML document and workflow editor, which is independent of document structure (DTD), and so can be used to create any type of XML-based content, such as RSS, NewsML, XBRL etc., and this is combined with a full XML-based print and PDF layout tool. Therefore, creating content for print, or online channels, can be done once, in the same system, with the same content, and then exported in any desired format to external systems.

Mèthode is a new-generation knowledge management and publishing environment.

At its heart is a transparent workspace in which editorial teams access and create knowledge resources using powerful underlying technologies that are, however, completely hidden from the user.

Mèthode combines key features of several different application types:

enterprise-class knowledge management: editorial teams search, retrieve and classify rich media content from multiple sources.

integrated workflow management: content teams work together transparently at diverse locations under full editorial control.

XML-based publishing systems: the versatility and power of XML, with a new dimension of user-friendliness and visual feedback.

genuine cross-channel publishing: a highly versatile architecture capable of feeding tailored content to a wide range of publishing channels from Web servers to print systems and broadcast TV.

Mèthode maximizes the value of knowledge resources to the organization by streamlining and automating their re-packaging and repurposing for delivery through diverse distribution channels. At the same time Mèthode frees staff to concentrate on the needs of their audiences and the content of the delivery.